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Snooki & JWOWW Visit a Haunted House! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment

Snooki & JWOWW Visit a Haunted House! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment

Happy Halloween from Snooki & JWOWW! In this week’s #MomsWithAttitude Moment, Nicole and Jenni visit a haunted mansion with their friend and spiritual medium Gina Marie DeLuca. Watch the full #SpookyHauntedHouse episode of "Moms With Attitude" now on go90! http://go90.show/MWA_8 For more #MomsWithAttitude Moments check out: Snooki Gets a Boob Job! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/2dpkT5K Snooki and JWOWW: Moms With Attitude Season 2 Series Trailer - http://bit.ly/2cfClsb Snooki and JWOWW Return to the Jersey Shore Part 2 | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/2c7sMNv Snooki and JWOWW Return to the JERSEY SHORE! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - JWOWW finally joins Snapchat! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/2bolqoq SNOOKI and JWOWW Double Mom Confession: Playing Favorites! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/2b09xAD Snooki and JWOWW Blogger Bash! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/2aA9nW9 Snooki & JWOWW Guess Weird Kitchen Gadgets! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/29GWbcB Snooki and Jwoww Urban Dictionary Challenge: Mom Edition! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/29nPPzi Would You Rather? | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/28Sj3W1 Happy Father’s Day! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/24UXABj Snooki & JWOWW Take On Judgy Moms | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/249Q31g The Stories Behind Our Baby Names | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1MiCp9e Double Mom Confession | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1VYL16U Boy or Girl? | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1UIvPM8 Jenni “JWOWW” Gets Married! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1ZRhyvU Jenni and Nicole Mom Hacks | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1ZRhBI8 Music for your Unborn Baby?! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/236AXLj Snooki's Return to Cheer! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1Uy0GLc Valentine's Day Behind the Scenes | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1Y4k8gz Godmother vs Godmother | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1qmEGX1 Weird Baby Stuff | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1PKM4Qp Five Things You Don’t Know About Us | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1UIwv4f The Whisper Challenge | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1RRIuIK Condom Challenge | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1PKMpm9 Behind the Scenes of Hangover Brunch | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1qmF1J6 Naughty or Nice? | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1Y4kzHG Nicole and Jenni's Plastic Surgery Journey | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1X3Rw6Q Answering Your Instagram Questions! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/22VT7Tf Bean Boozled Challenge | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1UYWuUs Jenni JWOWW Mom Confession! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1X3RNa0 #birthdaymamadrama | #MomsWithAttitude Moment - http://bit.ly/1Ruh3Wy →Awestruck is the fastest growing lifestyle entertainment brand for millennial moms available on YouTube, Facebook and Verizon's go90 app. Awestruck gives the under-served millennial mom a community and destination for the quick entertainment, information and conversation she craves. Because moms have needs too. Awestruck is the latest venture from AwesomenessTV. → Credits ← Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi - https://www.youtube.com/user/SnookTv Jenni JWOWW Farley - https://www.youtube.com/user/jenniwoww →SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS!← http://bit.ly/subscribe2Awestruck → FOLLOW Awestruck! ← twitter - https://twitter.com/awestruck instagram - https://instagram.com/awestruck/ facebook - http://facebook.com/awestrucktv google+ - https://plus.google.com/+Awestruck/posts snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/awestrucktv → Check out all our shows! ← Meet Awestruck - http://bit.ly/1RnfqMn Recent Uploads - http://bit.ly/1RnflrX Time-Saving Hacks - http://bit.ly/1UjxJSB Quick Catch-Me-Up - http://bit.ly/1Rp9j3M GLO ALL IN: GloZell's Baby Journey | Full Series only on go90 - http://bit.ly/1Per2tk MOMS WITH ATTITUDE Moments | Full Series only on go90 - http://bit.ly/1Ltd5wQ Comedy Bites - http://bit.ly/1XygL17 Makeovers in Minutes - http://bit.ly/1Per4l5 Stories of #MOMLIFE - http://bit.ly/1pqQqa1 →DOWNLOAD GO90 AND FOLLOW Awestruck← http://www.go90app.com → #Awestrucklife ← join the Awestruck Network for youtube support... you could even get featured here on Awestruck! http://www.awestruck.com/ Music provided by Extreme Music.